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My name is Cara Delatorre. I had a traumatic birth (breech, head against butt, cord around neck). My mom had an emergency C-section. Originally, I was diagnosed with slight cerebral palsy specifically affecting the optic nerve. Between age 2 and 3 I developed lazy eye. I had 3 surgeries trying to correct the lazy eye. Yet I still had poor eyesight. I have seen many doctors and have tried many glasses. Over the years I have just kind of adjusted to the fact I can’t see well. I use a variety of glasses, magnifiers etc. Recently, a doctor said my problem is an eye disorder called optic nerve hypoplasia which means I have little distance sight and poor near sight. The right eye is nearly blind and only lets in light and outlines print. Optic Nerve hypoplasia is underdeveloped nerves that are smaller then normal and that means info to the brain is limited.

In addition to eye problems, I had lost my hearing due to undetected ear infections so I was determined 95% deaf in one ear and 100% deaf in the other. So at around age 3, I had tubes put in my ears and scar tissue removed so I could hear then, but was speech delayed, and diagnosed with learning disabilities. I was in special ed from pre-school to 12th grade. Through hard work, and what my mom calls my ‘I can do anything attitude’, I got my BA degree in Social Science. I have worked at various jobs but feel my poor eyesight has held me back with ability and confidence.

E-sight electronic glasses will help me see better without relying on large print or squinting to see small print even with glasses or magnifiers. I am also learning braille and would like to get a braille notetaker (for my computer) for another way of reading and typing on the computer. I also want to become a braille transcriber. All through school I waited for large print or books on tape so I could do my school work. By college it was more of a challenge to get alternative tips because some professors waited until the last minute for their book orders and that would delay the alternative text by the beginning of class. The best benefits of these glasses for me is being able to easily change contrast to work for me in light and dark. Also the ability to see street signs. Added benefits are being able to stream from electronics directly to the glasses. Here is a link to info on the brailler ebraille14 . I want to be a braille transcriber and it is also a faster way to type. Today my bad eyesight has kept me from driving. When I use the computer I have to enlarge the page to where not all print is seen at once. Some websites are not very assessable in that mode.

The glasses are $10,000 dollars of which I have $700 toward and the braille writer is $1100.

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