Single mother in need of transportation repairs

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Hi my name is Caprice Francis and the reason that I chose crowdfunding is because I am trying to raise funds in order to get my transmission to my 2012 Nissan Versa repaired it’s been out of commission for 6 months now and me and my daughter have been missing several of our medical appointments due to not having transportation it’s also hard when you have to keep asking people to take you from here to there and they never come through for you so me and my daughter are getting a little exhausted with asking people to take us from here to there and dealing with public transportation I know it’s a part of life but it gets a little exhausting at times I’ve had to humble myself and ask and pray what to do so far this is one of the only solutions that I can come up with and so I’m just asking if you could do anything to help us out me and my daughter Maya would appreciate it we thank you for whatever you can help us out with may God bless you.

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