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After over 10 years working for various staffing firms and gaining an in depth knowledge of the industry, a keen sense of business management, a BS in Accounting, and after years of research; I decided to start my own staffing agency.

Scott Resources LLC is in the beginning but we have already begun to rise. The company name has been registered with the state & IRS. As of next month, myself & three others will be Certified Recruiting Specialist. Our website is up and running! For the last 6 years I have been providing resume writing, credit repair & income tax filing services to many so I have a following. I am in contact with a few recruiters and two who are RM of staffing firms to get some in depth knowledge and ideas.

Scott Resources LLC is headed to be the BEST! Of course all businesses are in business to make money. I plan to save the company plenty. Most agencies outsource their payroll & taxes. I plan to be involved daily. I have over 16 years experience in accounting, payroll processing, multi state payroll tax filing, multi state sales tax filing and corporate taxation. With myself, a great experienced business consultant and experienced recruiters, Scott Resources is sure to be the next billion dollar staffing agency.

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