Save My Career of Helping Seniors!

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My name is Namreh and I’m in need of your help. I’m a licensed insurance agent and I go on appointments to help Medicare recipients. This means that I have to travel frequently through the week to see clients.

But, I recently had a car disaster. My car needs a new motor because my head gasket has blown and it flooded my engine. It costs over $5000 to fix and I don’t have that kind of money. So, I’ve seen a great car which is in immaculate condition!! For the work that I do, it’s very important that I find a reliable car. My family and I are really close to getting the rest of the down payment for this car.

Here’s how you can help :
I’m asking for $1000 so that I can drive off the lot. IF you have it in your heart, I ask that you please give what you can. This is my first time doing this but it’s very important that I raise this money within 2 weeks or I might not be able to get this car that seemed to ALMOST drop into my arms.

You can also help me by sharing my link on your facebook page.
Thank You!

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