On going costs for spinal surgeries

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I had an unfortunate freak accident in july 2016 that lead to sudden serious back surgery aug 2016 as i couldn’t walk basically at all. That surgery failed and 7 weeks later i couldnt walk again and ended up having to have sudden serious back surgery again in oct 2016. At that stage i was at quite a heavy weight so i went on the diet shakes to loose weight as quickly as i could seeing i was incapacitated in bed for 6 weeks after each surgery. I lost 35kg but from loosing so much weight i ended up getting gallstones and loosing my gallbladder xmas day 2016. Since the injuries i obviously wasnt able to work so my family were paying my mortgage and bills in the interim as we expected full recovery and me to be able to return to work. However, since the back surgeries i habe suffered chronic pain, constant disc buldges that leave me incapacitated for months at a time that leave me in bed barely able to walk. When the bulge settles, i suffer from chronic lower back pain and nerve pain starting in my lower back, down my right bottock all the way to my right foot that is crippling and unable to walk more than like 500metres at a time. Ontop of that due to the chronic pain, not able to walk and being stuck in bed permanently for so much time, i have had multiple mental breakdowns and ended up in mental hospitals and now suffering depression and extreme anxiety in which they put me on medication that made me put all the weight id lost back on which made my depression and pain even worse once again. I own my own home and the financial issues have been crippling and now are at crisis point. I was taking my super money out under hardship to pay for my mortgage, medical bills, specialist bills and medication for the past near 2 years. However my super money has ran out, i have had to put my mortgage payments on hold but they will only put on hold for 2months and then i dont know what i am going to do as my family cant afford to help anymore. The only good thing is i have lost nearly 50kg to help the recovery of my back. my only source of income is centrelink which is 540 a fortnight which covers my private health insurance n if im lucky my house bills and thats it. My mortgage payment is 690 a month, let alone all my medical bills, specialist bills, medication etc. I would normally never do something like this but was suggested to me as im at a close point to loosing my home on top all the trauma ive been through the past nearly 2 years n dont know what else to do. I will really appreciate anything i receive more than you know and wish i wasnt in this situation and wish my life hadnt turned for the worst like this, but nothing more i can do than what i do. I do everything im told to do, work my hardest to try make a full recovery but was recently told that the only way that is now going to get me to recovery as we have tried everything else is going to be having a very major back surgery called a disc fusion once i get to a certain weight very soon which at my age will be a life changing surgery not for the best as it is going to cause issues in the future for me but is my only option to be able to recover enough to be able to get back to a normish life and finally get back to work a become self sufficient once again as i always have been. Thankyou for reading and if you chose to donate it will be helping a very desperate woman.

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