Omarion wish to see Roman Reigns

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This is my son Omarion he really loves wrestling his favorite is Roman Reigns I am trying to make this little sweet boy wish come true he is living with Cerebral palsy but is the happiest person ever all he lov s To do is watch wrestling I have got had all kind of wrestling stufff I thought this would make him happy because when he smiles it brings joy to my heart even though my life gets tough at times when taking care of my disabled son I wouldn’t trade him for nothing he is just a joy to be around I just want to make him happy and keep a smile on that sweet little face he would love to go see Roman Reigns at Smackdown or Raw if anyone can help please do any amount would make a difference and start us on the right track if you can’t donate please just Share this it will help maybe we will get lucky and Roman Reigns will see this Omarion is his number one fan

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