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In 2016 my girlfriend and her daughter were traveling from Orlando to Miami to visit her father when her daughter began to not seem like herself. She thought maybe it was an ear infection or something simple so she went to the ER just to make sure everything was okay. She had previous heart failure a year prior when a certain strain of rhino/entero virus attacked her heart. She fully recovered after being on life support for a month. She was very blessed and fortunate for that outcome. The physicians say our case was not typical and they were very shocked but ecstatic to see her doing so well after her multiple cardiac arrests. Fast forward, almost a year to the day after being discharged from All Childrens in St. Petersburg Florida, was when she ended up in the ER at Joe DiMaggio for what believed may be an ear infection.  While in the ER waiting room my girlfriend held her daughter in her arms and rocked her. All of a sudden her muscles all locked up and she was having a seizure and her heart stopped. They rushed us to the back and began CPR immediately.  She had no pulse for 25 minutes. My girlfriend sat just a few feet from the bed she was on watching the doctors swarm around her bed. That 25 minutes felt like an eternity. She couldn’t even dial her phone. Hospital staff had to do it for her as she watched and prayed. They shocked Bailey’s heart multiple times with no success. After about 25 minutes my girlfriend’s step mom dragged her by her hand to her daughter’s bedside. (She was just trying to stay clear of the physicians so she had the best chance possible). She told her to speak to her, tell her how much you need her. As she began to speak her daughter they FINALLY had a faint pulse. They continued CPR while she was placed on ECMO. She had 4 tubes surgically placed into each chamber of her heart to sustain her life until she could be transplanted.  At that point we didnt even know if she would be herself when she woke up. A body with no heartbeat for 25 minutes all depends on how well CPR was and of enough oxygen got to her brain and other organs. Against all odds and so much pain. Our girl made it. We waited 9 months with her little body tehthered to a machine that was literally her lifeline. It was called the Berlin heart. She ate through a feeding tube for those 9 months plus a few after discharge as well. Many surgeries, scars, and scary conversations later…  We are now out of the hospital and living close by for a lifetime of follow ups with her transplant  team. Now that we are out of the hospital. Her biological father is holding my girlfriend in contempt of court for moving to be close to her transplant  team. Also fighting for a parenting plan where she would be flying her across the U.S. for visitation which isnt the safest option. He has not contacted his daughter in over 6 months and has previously overdosed her on her medications. We are fighting to keep our girl safe and in the best place possible for her health and well being. We are putting up the fight of our lives after we feel like we just won the biggest battle.(a successful heart transplant) Our families have pulled together to maintain a lawyer for me but there is only so much they can do with my girlfriends mom being a single mom of four and helping all her children as they get through college. Bailey was featured in an article in the Tampa Bay times the first time our daughter was sick. I will post it below. I need help to keep my daughter in the best care possible. She is the light of my life. She is spending her 5th birthday out of the hospital along with celebrating having no rejection of her new heart 1 year after transplant. I am trying to throw her a very special birthday bash for the battle she fought to stay with us. She deserves it but with the lawyers and the process of moving to a better place for her it just isnt in the budget at all. She fought through two long term rounds of life support, many cardiac arrests and is still her bubbly funny self and smart as ever. She beat all odds… scars to be proud of. She is a warrior. Please help me surprise our little girl this July with the greatest Birthday she will never forget. Hoping for a unforgettable 5th bday. Thank you in advance and Thank you from the bottom of her new heart ❤️ God Bless Tampa Bay times article

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