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Megan’s Medical Fundraiser GoFundME Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

A veterinarian suspects that people threw things at frightened young Megan when she roamed the streets in Texas with her painful deformed leg A “hero” group in there saved her from a horrific life of no love or affection, and recognized that she would not survive a shelter environment.

Megan’s luck has been changing every day and her story has now become a massive effort that spans from Texas to Maine! The “hero” group contacted Transporters Without Borders (TWB) to help find her an immediate foster or home. One of our kind volunteers, located in beautiful Maine, stepped up to foster Megan.

While we were able to get Megan to Maine with the support of American Airlines and many TWB dedicated volunteers, we knew her journey was not over. With the help of veterinarians and specialists, she is undergoing surgery to repair her leg instead of amputating it and/or a potential lifetime pain medication!

Can you help us complete Megan’s success story and dramatically improve her quality of life? We are asking for donations, no matter how small, to help us raise the $4,000 that Tufts Veterinary Teaching Hospital is charging for her surgery, referred to as a “corrective osteotomy.” Her specialist team will break her long bone and set it so that it matches the length of the short bone. In addition to the $4,000, there are fees for consultations, CAT scan, vet visits following her surgery and supplies. All told we’ll need approx. $5,000 to pull this off.

We look forward to updating you on Megan’s progress, as two TWB volunteers, Cindy & Joel, will be helping with her initial recovery time because they live very close to the hospital in Massachusetts. Thank you all for contributing to this extremely worthy cause and helping us spread the word!

– TWB Administration Team: Sylvia, Shawn, Shelley, Jenny & Cindy.

About Transporters Without Borders (TWB): TWB is a community of 300+ dedicated volunteers who transport animals rescued from shelters and extremely urgent situations to rescues, foster and/or forever homes. We specialize in transport from U.S. locations in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine, to areas beyond the U.S. border, including New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Islands and Newfoundland. TWB is proud to announce that we are expanding our network to include the southern and midwestern regions of the U.S.