Lung Case – Unemplyment case

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I don´t want my case to be exposed in Portugal country, but i´me from Portugal – for my privacy.
Please do your best in foundraising, as it is very importante, and urgent the need of help.

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Welcome everyone to my page.
I´m a long term unemplyed, as I´ve lost my job.
My house is about to be lossed, for lake of payment. All our founds are concentrated in my doughter Jacinta.
I have my doughter with a lung cancer. As I´m unemplyed the best is to take care of her, since long I´ve been doing it! Medication, and transportation to hospitals are very expensive.
She´s passing by chemotherapy in another city. And her case is being studied in several countries, for it´s quite complex.
Me and my husband are completely with lake of founds, and we have been doing everything to save our doughter. We also have another child – a boy.
I´m asking for help to continue the treatment to Jacinta, our doughter.
Please help and please consider our situation.
As a desperate mother I´m here to ask everyone a little comtribute wich can make the diference in our lifes.

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