Kirby’s Medical Fund

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I am a 61 year old truck driver with coronary artery disease. I have been out of work for two months while trying to get medically re-certified for my job. In the process of getting this done I subsequently had a heart catheter procedure. The price tag was well over $55K. This comes ten years after a triple bypass. The angiography showed all the native arteries 100% blocked. One of the grafts is also 100% blocked. In all of my life I have never been in a position where I could not support myself. After two months with no income and medical bills piling up I’m now concerned that I could become homeless. I am a hard working person and believe I still have much to contribute to our society. Rather than give up I started a GoFundMe page because I believe in the goodness of people. With your help I will continue my effort to return to work. Should it come to pass that I cannot return to my job your donations will help me transition into a new life. Please help me weather this storm and I promise not to give up but to give back to our world.

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