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19 years old with End Stage RENAL Disease…..kidney failure…… Jessie is 19 years born and raised in Nebraska Jessie and his brother both came to Texas Saturday April 21,  to see his parents and sisters and of course their 2 year old niece. Jessie had a abscess   on his leg that was treated in the hospital in Nebraska earlier in the week. He woke up about 7 am Saturday morning said that the long trip here must of irritated the abcess, that he needed to go back to the hospital he was having like 8 out of 10 pain. So I ( mom)took him to the ER.

Not seeing my son for almost a year I had a gut feeling something more was wrong. He had lost about 60 lbs, he was pale, weak….  Doctor had discharge papers in hand after draining his abscess , I told him my son look anemic , I requested a blood test. The Doctor doubt it but he said if you want one , ok. Less then 10 minutes later , my son was being admitted to the hospital…. For severe anemia, and ESRD.  End stage renal disease. His GFR was 2 …. his creatinine was 25, His hemoglobin was 6.3… I knew from the doctors tone of voice this was a life and death situation.  Jessie will not be returning back to Nebraska anytime soon so we are trying to raise enough money to pay for medical expenses. Jessie Moore will eventually be placed on the kidney transplant list…. Help us make ends meet needing lots of love and prayers. With the kidney failure Jessie has been experiencing really high blood pressure which has claimed part of his vision. Please help us raise money to get Jessie visual aids. Thank you for all who have donated and shared.

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