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I am 51, married, work full-time, attend college on-line and a mom to a 15 year old. I never went to college after HS. I decided when I turned 50, it was time to change my career and go to college to learn a new skill. I chose to start in healthcare. I started Kaplan University on-line last August. I am taking a Coding and Billing certification program, I currently have a 3.63 GPA and I am supposed to graduate May 2018. When I enrolled in school I figured this is something I could do from home, the coding/billing I mean. But 8 months into the course I have decided I want to learn more about the medical world and go further with my education. I want to enroll in Medical Administration. I want to be involved an industry that helps and cares for people. I like being around people and helping others. The problem is, I am not in a financial place where I can afford more schooling. I did get some financial aid and loans thru school (which is now Purdue University Global) but I still have out of pocket expenses of about $400 each semester. I have looked for scholarships, but I either find scams or they do not pertain to me because this is an on-line certification program and not a BA or higher. I want to be an example to my daughter. I want to show her that with hard work and determination you can change your current situation and its outcome. I am trying to teach her time management as well, how to juggle multiple obligations and a get them all done. My daughter is a HS freshman and she does have aspirations of going to college right after HS. By furthering my education, I will be in a better financial place to help her. I have a big heart and big ideas, but I dont have the funds to get there.
I am hoping there are people out there who will help me fund my continued education. I need 24 more credits for my next certification in Medical Administration. More classes will give me a better understanding of the inside workings of the medical office environment. I will be able to take my CBP exam (certified billing professional ) and CMAS (certified medical administrative specialist) certifications.
I will be able to start my new career and continue to help people beyond my heart and ideas. Thank you all you have taken the time to read, donate and share my GoFundMe story.

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