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My name is Hanni Hanif and I’m a 19-year-old university student who lives in Malaysia. I’m trying to collect donations for a 24 -year-old man named Garry Wayne Barnhart, who dropped out of school at the age of 8 due to a setback to his mental health; schizophrenia. I’ve known him for nearly a year at a group discussion online and from there on he helped me with my depression. Ever since then, we became the closest friends and pen pals despite being oceans apart. He currently lives in Gulfport, Mississippi, United States, with his family. He is unable to work like any adult should because he was home-schooled all his life and therefore he does not have any official credentials that qualifies him for any kind of job.

He is now trying to get his life right by getting a GED (an equivalent for high school diplomas for adults); which allows him to get a proper job. However, he is unable to do so in the first place because he doesn’t have the money to pay for the fees and no one is willing to hire him for a job. On top of having his schizophrenia to battle with, he’s in a rough spot in his life as his family is hardly getting by year in year out, so getting food on the table is rough for them since none of them have a job and the only support they can get is his brother who works his job to keep the family surviving.

Although I live half the world across from where he is, I still want to help him no matter what. I believe distance does not matter in landing a helping hand.

Total fees for GED: $616 ($120 + $188)

1. GED tests- $120

2. GED classes – $188

Calculating all the GED fees for the tests and classes, he needs about $616 and another $616 (ideally) to keep his family going.

Despite all that, Garry was there to give me emotional support to me when I was at my lowest point. He gave me an inspiration to live again and made me see that I always had the light in me to write my own story. Meeting a person with a golden heart like him was a life changer, throughout the year I knew he deserves a chance in his life to live too. I want to help him live the life he never thought he could and make him see that nothing was too late nor is it impossible.

Everyone deserves a second chance, so does Garry. I appreciate any single help I could get and I really want to see this inspiring young man write his own story the way he inspired to write mine.

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