Giving back for Independence

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For the last couple of years, I think about the direction our country is going. For some people, merely living is taken for granted. I feel like we should be making this country a better place, and helping the ones that have fought for our chance to live free. Our government doesn’t do enough to take care of our past/current veterans, nor does it really honor what independence really means.

I been wanting to try to help do my part in showing our veterans and our community how much their sacrifice means to me and everyone else by trying to raise money to donate to the local V.A clinic. Hopefully everyone out there can show a little support by helping with any amount of money, big or small, so we can give back to the ones that have been forgotten by society. I hope to reach this goal by July 4th, 2018, and anything over this amount would be such a blessing. thank you.

Note: I accidently spelled veterans wrong in the link. Fail on my part 🙂

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