Emergency moving fund

Campaign URL or Website URL : https://www.gofundme.com/xg2qr-emergency-moving-fund

Hello, my name is Joshua Nakroshis.

On May 30th of this year I was assaulted by my girlfriend’s father, a man who has abused her for years before she moved in with me. We need help to escape as soon as we can. I know he would only further harass us if we stayed here. We don’t feel safe as it is.

We’re trying to get restraining orders as well as leaving the state within the month to get away from the situation. Our plan is to move in with my mother in Washington State for a few months and then find another place when we’re more stable. In addition to that, my mother is legally blind and could use the help anyway.

We need help with plane tickets and shipping what can’t come with us on the plane, as well as help with paying rent when we get there, to help out my mom for the month. Thankfully, we are on a month-to-month lease currently, so there are no fees for leaving our current housing.

$ 500 to help my Mother with Rent

$1000 for flight tickets to get to Seattle

$ 600 to ship things we can’t take on the airplane

$ 500 to pay our last month of rent (it’s $475 with a $25 dollar late fee since it will likely have to be late)

$ 300 to cover bills and close accounts

I plan on finding a job anywhere as soon as I hit the ground in Washington. I have lots of friends up there in Seattle, with leads on jobs already. My girlfriend could use some time to recover from the horrific treatment by her father, but if she can’t collect SSI for her resulting anxiety disorders, she hopes to hold down a job as well.

We sincerely appreciate anything you can give.

EDIT: In the first update you can view a copy of the police report.

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