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When my wife died last year, after several years of pain, I knew she was in a place free of suffering. But I was still alive. Why? For the next eight months I suffered all kinds of health problems and though I was going to die. But I didn’t. Why? A friend suggested that maybe I was alive for a purpose, something unfinished. But what purpose?
For many years my beloved wife and I lived and worked in various countries outside America. We developed a deep appreciation and patriotic love for our country. Could that be what was unfinished? Did I need to do something for my country and honor her memory?
Not a day goes by when we are disgusted by scandals and baffled by the actions of our dysfunctional elected representatives. Electing new and effective representatives is the obvious solution. To do so requires an electorate determined to make changes. To better enable qualified choices will require education in our American principals of democracy and capitalism. Easy to say but perhaps not so easy to do. A challenge my departed wife would have said you can solve. But how?
Suppose there was a way? Suppose a national program to produce a determined and educated electorate could be implemented? Wouldn’t positive changes be possible? Wouldn’t we sleep easier knowing our elected representatives cared about us and not some lobbyist?
In my wife’s memory The Cranefeather Foundation is to be created. It is intended to implement a program for democracy education. Scholarship funds are to be awarded to three high school seniors in each state and territory based on an essay competition. The essay subjects will be selected topics about the positive values of American democracy and capitalism. Participants would be required to complete an online tutorial about the values of our American democracy and capitalism to be eligible to compete.
At the moment this Foundation is a dream. It needs $23K in seed money to organize and begin to solicit grants, endowments, and gifts as well as hire professional staff. Your help would be appreciated in locating Angel donors for this seed money. Full details of the program are available. Although our focus is on Angel donor seed money, donations are also appreciated. They can be sent to the Foundation through my account.
Please help us find the Angel donors for the $23K seed money. Your help will honor my wife’s memory and her patriotic love of America. Together we can take back our country from the politicians and elect representatives who care about us. Thank you.

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