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Coronary Triple Bypass Emergency GoFundME Campaign

My father needs to be a coronary triple bypass, this operation was diagnosed on 21 January when he was performed a coronary angiography suggested by his cardiologist after suffering a heart attack


My name is Moraima Jeaneth Gomez Sanabria and I’m writing this story from Toronto, Canada.
I present to you José del Carmen Gomez Bautista, my beloved father, and the motive of this campaign.
Those who know him know that he is an excellent father and grandfather, hardworking, feisty, serious but noble and good as sweet bread.

At the end of October 2018, after feeling indisposed and attending a health center, my father presented the following diagnosis:

1-complicated hypertensive emergency with Imcest of lower face outside of window for thrombolysis. 2-HTA recently diagnosed. 3-hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Therefore it deserves as soon as possible the realization of coronary angiography with PROBABLE angioplasty.

The funds collected will be used in the realization of the coronary angiography to my father, and other medical expenses (pre and post-op) related to this process, which shall be carried out in the city of San Cristóbal, Estado Táchira, VENEZUELA.

For me it is of paramount importance that my dad performs the surgical procedure and so can have better quality of life and lessen the risks of repeating the table in the second paragraph.
At heart I appreciate the collaboration that we can provide, if you can not monetary, share my link to reach more people who can collaborate in one way or another.
Thank you very much for your collaboration, it is very important for me that my father will recover soon so that he can meet his younger grandchildren who live outside Venezuela.
Today, January 25th, 2019, I update the events that happened with my father:

On Monday 21 January was made to my father coronary angiography, in the Metropolitan Clinic of the north in Valencia Edo Carabobo Venezuela, this process was initially going to take place in the city of San Cristóbal, but for logistical reasons my father could not traslad Ar to that entity.
This procedure gave the conclusion:
CORONOGRAFIA: triarterial lesion.
Because of this my father should undergo a TRIPLE coronary BYPASS because three valves must be replaced. This procedure will be performed at the Northern Metropolitan Clinic by Dr. Máximo Cosimo Guida Lanni (Cardio Vascular surgeon).
Motivated to this, we see in the need to go again to PCs to ask for their collaboration in the collection of money for my Father José del Carmen Gómez Bautista, can perform such surgery and thus obtain better quality of life and reduce the risk of suffering a n EW heart attack.
The money raised earlier in this campaign has been used in the payment of coronary angiography, medications to be taken by my father, preoperative laboratory tests, purchase of the cons used in coronary angiography, medical consultation with Cardiologist.
At heart I appreciate the collaboration that we can provide, if you can not monetary, share my link to reach more people who can collaborate in one way or another.
I ask you to include my father in your prayers.
If you want to collaborate in BS you can do it to my father’s account in Venezuela:

Bank: BNC
Savings Account 01910203341000029286
Name: José del Carmen Gómez Bautista
C.I.: 3197132

Thank you very much, God bless and multiply