Bring Hope Home

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In May 2018 volunteers from an animal rescue in Cyprus discovered dozens of dogs being kept in appalling conditions in a so-called animal shelter in Lefkara. The place was described as a hell-hole. Thankfully, the dogs have been moved to various rescue centres in Cyprus but they all desperately need loving homes. Hope, a year old Beagle, is one of them, and her heartbreaking story has moved me to adopt her and give her the loving home that she deserves. She’s flying to the UK on the 27th June. I‘m raising funds to contribute towards the costs involved to get her home – flights, vaccinations, neutering – as well as to support the rescue centres that are currently caring for the abandoned dogs in Cyprus. They do such amazing work, and I want to be able to help the poor dogs reach their loving forever homes. The smallest contribution will make the world of difference to these dogs.

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