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Robert Eustace… I was living in Meadville, Pennsylvania (in the rural hinterlands of northwestern PA – about 45 miles south of the city of Eire). During September 2017, I suddenly learned from my ‘new landlords’ that they had “a change in direction” and wanted me to move out of my apartment and downstairs art-studio – where I happily lived and crafted a number of artworks from 2010 – late 2017. In an instant, my entire existence was placed in great uncertainty and upheaval! I spent almost (3) months: downsizing, donating, selling things, throwing out all kinds of accumulated junk, procured a storage space and almost daily moved 1 or 2 carloads of my belongings to the storage unit.

My art making practice (and a good source of my income) came to a complete halt! The only way to even begin to finance everything came about when I began my first (or four) related ‘fundraising campaigns’ on …! At first there was a surprisingly strong wave of support (mostly from a hardcore group of artist friends from a total pool of several hundred people). However, all of that initial first wave of donations was spent on rapidly accusing ‘back rent owed’; storage, moving and gasoline costs; a brief motel stay, travel, etc. Another smaller campaign allowed me to make some drastically needed car repairs (i.e.. a leaky fuel-neck… overtime I purchased gas there would be a growing large puddle of gas under the car… and a much needed ‘resistor’ because my heat and defrost were not working, etc)

The initial plan was for me to spend the holidays last winter with my sister and friends back in my old home state of New Jersey and then travel 800 miles south with a carload of essential belongings to a friends place situated near Gatlinburg, Tennessee. With all of the above just described, any moving plans got slowed down by the marked decrease in funding to facilitate that move. By the time arrived that I could be free to take off for Tennessee – the entire process took much longer than expected – and that door closed on me.

Thus, I have been ‘marooned’ here in New Jersey, staying with friends by their good graces! yet, I can not stay here forever. Thus, it became quite clear to me that instead of moving again to a whole new locale – where I would thus be “starting all over again – having to totally reinvent the wheel”… It would make more sense for me this time to move (close to/ within) the city of Eire, where I already know about 200 people (mostly artists from my membership in the NPAA or Northwestern PA Artists Association) and where there are all the amenities, jobs and opportunities that city life affords!

I only have a small amount of spending money at the moment. I feel frustrated and dormant since all of this personal upheaval began last September! The solution: I need a windfall of funds to pour in quickly so that I could simply drive out to Eire… procure housing and an art-studio… find some employment… and complete a number of art projects that were nearly finished when I found out that I had to move.

As stated: I have already ran (4) ‘fundraising campaigns’ on: – and with my small band of several hundred contacts, these days, everything has ‘completely fried up’. I came to your site because I desperately need to do something – and fast – to raise the funds that I need – through a much larger network of what(?) 2 million plus, potential donors! * Please channel my ‘fundraising campaign’ to all the channels that are available to me! Thank you! *

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