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Advanced Pancreatic Cancer GoFundME Boost IDIDIT Campaign

This is Alice’s Son, Jonathan typing for my mother Alice.

Alice has spent her entire life, from the young age of 18 dedicating her life to her children. She was never able to save for herself because she always gave what she could to her children. She is now 71 years old.

I have lived with my parents my whole life, and I was recently diagnosed with an Auto Immune disease, that also changed my life.

My father, and mother went to a doctor appointment together. My father, was diagnosed with cancer in his intestines. At the same appointment, the doctor asked if my mother was under a physicians care, because he was worried about her. He immediately had her sent in for a CT scan which revealed a tumor on her pancreas. Both of my parents, were diagnosed with cancer in the same week.

The surgeon thought they could save my mom, by performing the Whipple on her. They said it didn’t appear to spread. When they went in, and removed the gall bladder, part of the stomach, part of the liver, and then left the tumor on the pancreas — they said the cancer spread to the lymph nodes and main arteries. When she woke up, she was devastated.

She is currently attempting to heal from that surgery, but constantly has nausea, dislikes the smell of food, and is very tired. She is able to eat very small meals.

My mother is my world, she has always been there for me, and I have an exceptionally close relationship with her. She never asks for anything… I love her with all of my heart.

So here I am, hoping that I can get some donations to pay for her medication, and in the unlikely event that people donate a lot or it goes viral, I would try to get her the best treatment known. She has always wanted to go to Hawaii with our family but was never able to afford it.

Please donate only what you can afford to live without. This is my last dream for my mom, to get the best treatment possible, and if there is a miracle I would love to take her on a vacation with our immediate family. She is praying for some quality time with her loved ones, if she is to pass away.