Toddler with Special Needs Loses His Mom to Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer / GoFundMe

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My friend Lupa just passed away from Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer, a month shy of her 33rd birthday. She left behind a 2 1/2 year old son with special needs. Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer (ATC) is a very very aggressive cancer that is resistant to standard cancer treatments. Her symptoms started in January 2018. She noticed a few lumps on her neck that felt tender to the touch, and had an earache in her right ear. Her voice was notably hoarse. A cat scan confirmed that she had masses in her neck. She was told that it was likely papillary and 99% curable. On March 15th she was scheduled to have her thyroid gland removed. During this operation, the doctor saw that the cancer had metastasized and he wasn’t able to get it all. That’s when she was diagnosed with ATC and told that she only has weeks to live. She had another operation. It was 9 hours long. The doctors removed the rest of her thyroid and her trachea and infected lymph nodes. She then had a trachestomy and a feeding tube in her stomach. She couldn’t speak or eat. She underwent chemo and radiation therapy. But this Cancer continued to grow and finally consumed her. Lupa was such a brave woman. I pray for her son Sameer, and her family. I am raising money to help her family get through this incredibly horrific time. With your support, we can help her son and supporting family. Please Please Help.

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