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Thor came to us a year ago. He would show up at our back gate every day for months. He had no tag, he was skinny, and he was always hungry and thirsty. We let him in (kept the gate open) and he never left. I put him on the internet and checked to see if he was chipped and had no luck.

Thor has saved us more than we saved him. He is obediant, loving, and one of the most wonderful companions and additions to our family. We could not want for a better dog.

Last week he started to act oddly. Every morning he usually goes around the back yard marking his territory and doing his “rounds.” I noticed that he was not eating, peeing, or number two. So we decided to take him to the vet. The vet gave him antibiotics on Saturday by Monday we thought he was doing better. Monday night he was back to being sick again. He is lethargic, which is odd because he is full of life.

We took him back to the vet on 6/28 and they said since the antibiotics are not working they fear that his anemia may be from internal bleeding. The vet. needs to do 3 x-rays for a large dog on top of more blood work which will cost $309. We have spent $190 already.

·        Dr. Bill did Ultra sound.

·        Dr. Bill calls me 4 hours after I dropped Thor off.

·        Tells me that Thor has cancer and it is inoperable.

·        Infected kidneys, liver, spleen, and stomach.

·        Thor has 7-10 days to live if I am lucky.

·        I need to keep him happy and comfortable.

·        Went to PETCO, but Thor the biggest Tempurpedic Dog bed I could find.

·        Got Thor three toys.

·        Thor can only eat because we give him 1 steroid a day.

·        Thor only eats steamed chicken & Rice.

We love Thor and want him to get the best care possible, unfortunately we were not ready for this.

My husband is a  Navy Vet and in the middle of getting his degree so we are on a fixed income.

We could really use your help with our beloved dog.

Thank you!
Kyle and Samantha Palmer


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