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September is here already, and not much has changed. The work is nonstop, and taking its toll on my health and well-being.

I still have 29 dogs at my refuge, and there doesn’t seem to be many rescues willing to help me with finding them homes. Without partner rescues taking in some of my babies, they will be stuck here in limbo, just waiting for the future that I promised them.

Bringing a dog from the streets is supposed to be the first step in their journey to a forever family.

I can get them healthy, and teach them what love is, but I can not give them the experience of children to grow and play with, or constant affection and attention they deserve. There is not enough of me to spread among 29 dogs, while caring for, and cleaning up after, them all.

Watching a movie with cuddles on the couch is impossible, when there are so many chores to be done. Each and every one should get their personal time to savor the feeling of being cherished.

They all want nothing more than to love, and be loved; to feel safe and secure, with their basic needs met.

I do my best to provide all of that, but the experience of a family is beyond what the refuge can give.

I need you all for financial support, to continue helping this island’s homeless. Just as important, I need your help to find forever homes for my babies.

If you have rescue contacts that might be able to take a few, or a spare dog bed/couch cushion that awaits a potcake, please let me know. We can’t do it all without you – please help!!