Stop Domestic Abuse Help Me Get Back Home and Restart My Life

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Once we were a happy in love couple. All was great. Until the day we got married 4/4/2017 He became a heavy drinker and a drug user. Totally unknown to me because we lived separately before marriage by choice. An occasional glass of wine with dinner but nothing that would have turned on a red light in my eyes. We relocated from my home state of Illinois to Florida to start out new married life together. Leaving me with none of my family and alone with just him and his parents including my 7 year old daughter. 12 days after we married I came home from work and he had already downed 2 bottles of wine and whisky. I avoided him because I saw a look in his eyes that I never seen before. I did approached him to ask him if all was okay with work, that’s when everything broke loose with the screaming and shoving. I retreated to our master bedroom and he barged in and punched me dead in the face, knowing I had work the next day at a Law Firm of all places. I had to call out of work for 2 weeks to allow my face to heal and the strangle marks around my neck and bruises on my arms to disappear. I tired to leave to a domestic abuse shelter but was forced back into the room and the car keys had been taken away because it was his car. I had my cell phone in my hand and he took it away. I had no one to call. No escape. He wanted me to apologize for what bothering him when he had a bad day. Only offering me dinner if I apologized. Thank goodness my little girl was at a sleepover and didn’t see or experience any of this. It killed me to the core when she saw my condition the next day and I had to tell her a lie that I had fallen. I have spoken with his parents at length but they are enablers and for lack of a better term a mamma’s boy. “What did you say to him to do this” and his father said nothing. I have spoken to my family but there is not much they can do which has led me to swallow my pride and ask for assistance from outside of the family.
Upon relocating to Chicago to Florida our intention was to purchase our home. Everything I ever worked for and purchase in my home in Chicago was mine; I sold every worldly possession to start new with my new husband. When the financing of the home fell through we were forced to move in with his parents. That same day we dropped off his parents at the airport for a scheduled trip, when we got home I discussed with him that it was okay that we have to stay with his parents until we find our own place; that is when the 2nd beating occurred. This was landed me in the hospital due to severe pain in my head, a black eye and bloody nose. To which I told the doctors I was clumsy and tripped over the hose in the yard while doing yard work. I am praying that I reach the goal from this campaign as it will be used in the following manner:

– Car rental to leave Florida to drive back to Illinois
– Gas and tolls for the trip back to Illinois
– Divorce
– Apartment (1st, last and security deposit)
– Furniture for the apartment
– Used car because I have no car now due to him
– Dishes, pots, pans, spoons, forks cups
– Mattresses for myself and daughter
– Towels
– TV
– Daycare needs for my daughter so I can work
– Medicine for my needs and my daughter

The rest will be placed in savings for rent payments until I can secure a job in Illinois

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