Lost Job Covid-19 of a Father Husband and Good Man

Personal Assistance for Lost Job Covid-19 of a Father, Husband, and Good Man

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Personal Assistance for Covid-19 Job Loss affecting a good father, loving husband, good friend.

This is a gofundme page made for someone other than myself to stand as replacement income due to job loss. He was forced to stay home due to health concerns from the covid-19 outbreak and not being able to protect himself properly. He was a loved team member of the hospital, father of six children, loved in his community. Looking to help support a good man in times of need.

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Due to the covid-19 outbreak, a father of 6 children has lost his job where he has been working as a hospital engineer because he stood up for what he believes is right. Not only for himself but for the patients and fellow employees. This man has been working in the hospital for over 15 years, but due to regulations put into place by the administration there he had no choice but to leave.

His admin from the hospital were unable to provide him with personal protective equipment (PPE) that would help in protecting the father from coming into contact with the virus. Since PPE is crucial in this matter, he was forced to quit the job for the benefit of his health and that of his children. Moreover, his health conditions could also not have allowed him to continue working with the covid-19 outbreak. Considering his role in the hospital, it is clear that the outbreak of the virus affected him significantly as he will be exposed to the affected patients.

He is a passionate person who loves helping people, concerts, family, and friends. During his working days, he had a good record of assisting many people in different ways. Often going out of his way to do what is right for patients. Due to that reason, he is a man who deserves to be taken care of considering that he was sacrificed in helping people, friends, and the community as well. It is with no doubt that working in the hospital for over 15 years brought a smile to many people and families.

During this difficult time, I ask everyone who finds it possible during these difficult times to assist him with any amount in order for him to provide his family with the basic needs.

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