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Our Story
Hello, My lovely wife Dao and I met on Facebook in 2015. We talked every moment of the day except for about 4 hours a night when I would sleep. We fell in love with each other in a way this is undescribable. I took my savings and bought a plane ticket to Vietnam. When we met it was electric! We both knew this was true love that surpasses everything we had ever heard about love.
The Big Anouncement
After a few days we got married and soon after the announcement that Dao was pregnant came. Happiness beyond belief filled both our hearts and lives.
The Problem
I could not work in that country bc I didn’t have the resources or things with me that were necessary to get a job there, plus I couldn’t read or write the language. Now my wife is 9 months pregnant, no money for food, rent, water, electric, or hospital or Dr. Plus if her water gets cut off, besides the health concerns, we won’t be able to talk bc her phone can’t charge.
The Decision
We both decided the only way to pay the rent, since we already sold all of our personal belongings that we could sale, was for me to come back to the uninted states. When here I got a job and worked it for two weeks only to be layed off. Thankfully I made enough to pay the December rent and give Dao enough money to go to the Dr and buy food to eat.
The Solution
Starting the new year with no job my wife’s rent is due, her water and electric is going to get cut off, she has no food or money, and the baby could come any minute. I am a proud man yet I must swallow my pride to help my wife and baby. My family won’t help me and I have no choice but to start a fund raising campaign.
How you can help
Dao and I need money for the
1. Rent
2. Food
3. Water
4. Electric
5. Baby fee to be born at the hospital
(In Her country Dr.’s will refuse to help a patient if they don’t pay first)
6. Misc. Fees
Any and all help would be greatly appreciated and Dao and I promise to pay back each and every one of those that might find it in their heart to help us during this very difficult and worrysome time.
Thank you