Open hearts, Open minds

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Being an educator is my passion. And educating the minds of our future and instilling self worth, self confidence, life skills and team building is fundamental.
Early childhood education.
I smile every time I say it!
I have worked with children since the age of 16, always wanting to stay home and help my mother with her home daycare, to babysitting, volunteering, and working in early childhood education centers fresh out of college. It is my calling!
My plan:
Open Hearts learning center
Ready, Set, Learn!
A Creative Curriculum based educational program offering care for PreK-6th graders in the city of Hopkins and St Louis Park in Minnesota.
Extra Essential Incentives:
– Free tutoring
– Team building activities
– Life skills
– Mentoring
*A center based facility providing comfort for parents and their children.
*Transportation to and from school.
*Breakfast, Lunch and Snack.
The passion and motivation is easy.
Constantly hitting financial road blocks and denial is not we are reaching out to others outside of our community who may also think education is important, support is important, believing is important and our kids ARE important!

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