Non-profit Organization seeks funding for New Instruments for Youth Orchestra for Mental Health Awarness Month Event

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Hello my name is Jessica I am the founder of the newest nonprofit organization in Philadelphia Pennsylvania our first annual. Music Mindz Multicultural Arts Festival. We are currently raising awareness for mental health we are helping to spread the word about mental health screening through social media and through this music and mental health event. We decided to use this platform to educate people about suicide prevention. I have a story witches in my GoFundMe campaign you will see me posting my GoFundMe campaign you can read my story my motivation behind putting this event together the mental health awareness month will take place in May 2020 so we need the donations to provide instruments for our youth we are forming a Youth Orchestra we want to have breathtaking live performances by mainstream artists and local artists have arts and crafts food vendors retail vendors a fashion show a photo booth information resources mental health screenings and we are going to be forming a large panel of psychiatrist and psychotherapist to discuss how music affects our brain it is therapeutic to us it makes us feel good it makes us happy when we are depressed I suffered depression for years and took medication. When you will have the opportunity go read my story on my GoFundMe campaign and thanks for your contributions in advance

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