Memorial for Maximus

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Hello, my name is Alexandria Beck.  I have recently lost my 3 month Maximus Don Voyles and my family and I are in need of help. On May 20th I layed my son Max down for a nap, when I went to wake him for feeding he was pale and lifeless.

I called 911 and I kept telling the 911 receptionist that my son is dead and I’m having a heart attack, I told her I couldn’t breathe. I live with my fiance Lucas Voyles and my 4 year old son Castor Voyles, together we take care of his disabled mother Terri Voyles and her 7 year old daughter Maci Gill. My family and I are struggling with the all of this. We are looking to relocate from this house, the memories of Maximus are so painful.

I go into my bedroom and and look at the spot on my bed he had passed away and my heart breaks. Please share Max’s gofundME my page to help with moving from this painful house and cover funeral costs, If I am to make more than I set the goal for, I will donate too other families who need Coffins and burial expenses. In this dark time in our lives we reach out for help and support.

Please help my family and I if you can. If you can not Thank you for reading my story.


The Voyles and Beck Family

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