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Our story

Marissa and Chris need our help. They are facing a long, difficult, and unpredictable road as Marissa battles this very RARE diagnosis of Histiocytic Sarcoma in her brain!

Dear Friends, Family, and Supporters, The late summer of 2015 was to be among the happiest time of their life together. On September 18th they both said “I Do” and We’re ready to begin their lives together. All was well until a little over a year into marriage, Marissa one day October 20th, while Chris was at work, felt as if she was going to pass out in the shower, and started to get sick. She was then taken to the hospital for further evaluation which originally, showing no neurological signs of any issues, they were gonna discharge her to go home with some headache medicine. Her family demanded a CT scan to play it safe and then they were told that marissa had a mass in her brain. After a lumbar puncture to test her spinal fluid and multiple MRI’s they at least figured out that something was off. The following week on October 26th, with nondefinitive results from the lumbar puncture she was scheduled for a brain biopsy surgical procedure. Her biopsy was studied carefully at the hospital where she was being treated and nobody knew truly what they were dealing with. They then sent her specimens up to Columbia University in New York for more testings and even they only were able to guess what it could of been, then a facility in Texas received them and they had no idea. Marissa and Chris through the suggestion of their treating doctor go and see a neuro oncologist who specializes in Histiocytic disorders up at Dana Farber in Boston, MA. They seemed to agree with similar things the main treating doctors were saying which was this mass was leaning towards a super rare disease called Rosai Dorfman Disease.

With a follow up appt. on November 28th, she and her family went to go see her primary treating doctor to get the logistics of treatment going forward and to figure out a start date. With a vision of what they had to face was more clear they were all ready to go, that’s until the very next day they received a phone call from the neuro oncologist specialist up at Dana Farber in Boston, MA. They did their own pathology testings on her specimen they requested and came up with a different diagnosis and it wasn’t good and not what they wanted to hear! They said this was being called a Histiocytic Sarcoma of the CNS in the brain. This cancer requires stronger chemo then what they were told with the former diagnosis, and would require hospital admission. Now there is potential for hair loss, and worse side effects, and they are opting for an injection to stop monthly menstrual cycles to preserve eggs because they were recently trying to have children. Everything now has changed and it scares everyone especially because she is one of few RARE cases where anybody has even seen this before!

Although Chris’ employer has been amazing and offers intermittent family medical leave, he only has so many paid days he can take then it will all be unpaid while Marissa is in the hospital. Chris also works full time but being a two income household things have been super tough financially thus far. It is crucial that the family be able to care and provide for any and all needs that might arise.

Funds that we are able to raise will be used to pay for any additional medical costs, and any bills and financial burdens they may endure during this long road of treatment and recovery!

Let’s remind both Marissa and Chris just how loved and supported they are. Please consider making a donation, your financial support can significantly ease the pressure on both Chris and Marissa…

Thank you so much