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Katana’s Tuition Fund GoFundME Marketing PR Agency

Hey all! So for this semester and the next, I was not able to receive enough financial aid to cover the cost of my tuition.

Having that said I have a balance of about $3,664 as shown in the photo in my account not paid. Because of that, the student accounts office has put a hold on my account which prevents me from registering for the spring semester.

The office has told me if it’s not paid by December 15th, additional costs will be added to the account. 🙁 It’s a little hard on me because classes do fill up quick and I’m trying to get into the rest of my classes with no problems at all.

So I ask that you guys could contribute any amount & to keep me in your prayers and that God allows me to find a way to be able to pay that down and register for the next semester. Making it closer to graduation. God always makes a way. Fingers crossed ! Anything helps and I really do appreciate it 🙂