I have bipolar depression and Schiz

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Hello, I have bipolar depression and schizophrenia, I was diagnosed with this mental illness 2014, may 30. I played high school baseball and football and I graduated high school in the year 2009.

From 2009-2018 I worked part-time at my family restaurant. 2010 and some good years, I made about 20,000$.

But with I got mentally sick and got diagnosed on may 30,2014. I had to get treatment, take meds/pills for 4 years. Its be an On/Off rollercoaster. I truly need money to live, this world isn’t free and I can’t drive anymore.

Please understand my situation, I’m trying to start a fundraiser to support my mental illness.

Because its very difficult to have the government to take care of me, and have my parents take care of me.

This is my youtube channel, trying to get that up.

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