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“Be Kind, everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about!”
Help Save a life TODAY! Be a part of something larger than yourself!

The World Health Organization estimates that approximately 1 million people die each year from suicide. What drives so many individuals to take their own lives? To those not in the grips of suicidal depression and despair, it’s difficult to understand what drives so many individuals to take their own lives. But a suicidal person is in so much pain that he or she can see no other option.

Suicide is a desperate attempt to escape suffering that has become unbearable. Blinded by feelings of self-loathing, hopelessness, and isolation, a suicidal person can’t see any way of finding relief except through death. But despite their desire for the pain to stop, most suicidal people are deeply conflicted about ending their own lives. They wish there was an alternative to suicide, but they just can’t see one.

Oftentimes people just need someone to talk to, but other times we have to dig deeper to reach or prevent our loved ones from taking their own life.

Bible View Ministries believes in Suicide prevention dearly but can only do so much do so much due to resources. You can help with as little as a $5 donation!

With all of your support, we are able to reach out to people with

Study warning signs
how to get people to “Speak up”
How we can respond quickly & efficiently
Hot lines
Conference groups

We are called to be doers. We believe in doing something larger than ourselves. We believe also in the power of prayer!

We believe in reducing suicide rates. We have planted this seed, It will grow and yes….You can be a part of doing something bigger than yourself!

Even $5 is a huge help! If that isn’t in your budget you can do your part by sharing this on face book with ALL your friends!!!