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My mini dauchshund is at Avets Veterinary Hospital in Monroeville Pa. She had hemorrhaging gastroenteritis. Our normal vet did not have an opening when I called twice on Friday saying she was throwing up mucous . Called second time on Friday to say she was throwing up & pooping blood. Still could not see her till Wednesday. At 7:30 pm Friday evening blood flew from both ends( 25-17 ft of blood. Rushed her to Monroeville and she had been in icu which they charged 2000. A day. I’m a housekeeper and not getting many hours at this time and my husband just had surgery for 2 abdominal aortic aneurysms in October. Times are tough right now.Ginger is our little girl that keeps us going. I could not let her die. I wouldn’t ask for help but reality is I can’t do it alone