Help me cover my moms cancer treatment

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This is my mom, she is 63 years old and was diagnosed with breast cancer six months ago. The doctors said it was not agressive, it was just a tiny pimp they had to take out. Turns out they discovered during surgery that it was not that simple. She’s been trough two surgeries already, lost a breast, and she might lose the other one too. Right now she needs to start radiotherapy so she can continue with her cancer treatment and process. Unfortunately we are covered in medical bills, and due to Covid-19 we have lost our jobs and are running out of funds to cover her treatment and to keep paying everyday expenses.

She might have cancer in other parts of her body, but we don’t know. She needs more medical exams, treatment and more.
i would never ever in my life would do this if I could cover myself for all the expenses, but I can’t, but most importantly I can’t lose my mom.

Today I’m asking for help to all of you who know me, and know how much I love my mother and what a wonderful person she is. Help me save my mom from Cancer.

I thank you all in advance, god bless you all.
I love you, stay safe.