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Hello, my name is Josie. I am a member of the African American Diaspora that live in the USA. My personal story is that it took me 2 years to book a trip to my country of origin, in Africa. I thought about my journey and decided it shouldn't be THAT difficult for people like me to visit their home country. Not only are finances an issue with the diaspora, but there is also a seemingly programmed fear of their own home country! I plan to change this by starting a nonprofit that educates African Americans about their home continent and also assists them with fees associated with travel to Africa. Home Sweet Africa has social media and a YouTube channel where we distribute valuable information to the diaspora. We intend to conduct online and eventually in person educational workshops as well. Once we reach 501c3 status and fundraise enough, we will implement our grant program Africa Travel Fund. This program is designed to assist with passport, visa, and airline fees associated with travel to Africa. HSA is currently operating with social media and open zoom forums where we give the African American Diaspora a voice.

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