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Artist Griz E Strüss here. My design, PYRE & ICE, has been accepted into this fall’s 2019 Terrain Biennial! I’m super-thrilled to have the opportunity to show my work again in Chicago. On top of that, I’m very, very pleased with my installation design.

I’ve purchased the bulk of the materials needed to bring the design to fruition. Fantastic.

There’s one catch though. I need to GET IT THERE!

I live in the Finger Lakes region of New York, so the moving truck and gas will roughly come to $800. Yipe! That’s why I’m asking for your help.


As you can see, I believe in the project so much that I’m willing to trade my blue Buddy’s wheels for Uhaul wheels. If that’s what it takes, okay. This guy faithfully helped me get to work through my first year as a teacher, and I’m a bit sentimental about it. But, progress usually seems, in one way or another, to demand that we don’t live in the past. That’s a nice thought, however, I’m nervous that selling my blue Buddy won’t happen in time for the INSTALL DATE, 9/28…that’s right, days from now: that’s why I’m asking for your help.

A paper boat, a toy, stands in for a Viking funeral ship. It bears a dying iceberg. We find that even in our efforts to honor the 10,000 year life of this berg (and the world as we knew it) our good, but clumsy intentions have capsized the corpse in shame. No surprises there; for some time, we’ve been distracted by hoarding toys and playing games where actual adult intervention was needed.


The paper boat, roughly 14 feet long, will be constructed of blackened poplarwood panels. This design came about through a brainstorming session with my partner, and fellow artist, Joy Dennis ( ). The plan is to stitch-bound the hull’s panels together. Atop, and spilling out of the funeral pyre, will be a translucent material that forms the dying berg. It will be illuminated, as if with embers, from within. The light, however, will fade over the course of every evening of the exhibit.

“Terrain Exhibitions was founded in Oak Park, Illinois by artist Sabina Ott in 2011 with a spirit of profound generosity, and community building…Ott invited over a hundred artists to exhibit site specific works in her front yard and on the porch at her home in Oak Park that she shared with her husband and author John Paulett. In 2013 Ott created the Terrain Biennial. Ott staged the month long public art event asking her neighbors to host artists she invited to exhibit in the biennial. The 2015 and 2017 Terrain Biennials grew to include host locations all over Oak Park and Chicago with many national and international locations as well.” ( ).

THIS YEAR’S BIENNIAL, 10/1 – 11/13
“The theme of this years Terrain Biennial is to take stock of the landscape that people are living in today. What is the terrain that we occupy? The environment that has been built? What is the topology of our moment? Artists and hosts should reflect upon the ways in which our environment changes us and how we are changing it.”

As you can see from Terrain’s 2019 theme, my piece, PYRE & ICE absolutely must get to Chicago!


I was invited to enter my design via the curation of fellow SAIC alumni, Anon Anym ( ). I’m super grateful to Anon for thinking of me.

I’m also thankful for Justin Witte’s offering of his lawn in Oak Park.

I’ll be assisted in the construction of the hull by my kid, Violette, and I’m thankful for them, as well.

Finally, I’d like to extend MY THANKS TO YOU for:
-Helping me fund transporting Pyre & Ice to Terrain!
-Helping to spread the word via your favorite social media platform!
-Your support of the arts!
-Your friendship!