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My name is Ercan Tekin. I have been living Cerebral Palsy since birth. CP is a neurological disability that effects my motor skills and balance so I use a motorised scooter and crutches for mobility.

I live at home with my elderly mother, my wife and our two beautiful, small children.

I had one scooter, which I had done 5300kms I loved it.
I had to get rid of it because the motor, whole right wheels needs replace and soon the batteries. All this would cost around $2500, it wasn’t worth to do this because of the age of the scooter.

I then purchased another second-hand scooter from gumtree. After about two months I had to replaced the batteries which cost me $530 and now after about 6kms it drives very slow.

I decided a new scooter the way to go but my finances aren’t the best right now. Government funding will take some time. I ask for 2 item off the government and still way for the item.

I would appreciate anyone’s help.

I will personally give ever dollar back to everyone who donation in this cause one day.

If you have any questions I am happy to answer

This one of the option of the scooter I like to get