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Take your nutrition on the go with the HANDYBLEND Portable Everyday Microblender. Ideal for a healthy lifestyle, this compact blender can go with you anywhere. The HANDYBLEND features a powerful motor as well as a stainless steel stirring wing. Highly durable, the blender can slice and dice your vegetables, fruits, and anything else you add in. It’s perfect for mixing nutritional drinks or shakes and making smoothies. As a safety measure, the HANDYBLEND has a unique power button. It must be pressed for 3 seconds before it begins to blend. In addition, the HANDYBLEND features a polypropylene plastic container with a secure twist-lock lid. This ensures a leak-proof design so you can toss the blender in your bag with peace of mind. Best of all, the HANDYBLEND conveniently recharges with the included USB cable. When fully charged up, the battery lasts you a full two days.