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Campaign URL or Website URL : https://www.gofundme.com/adrha-for-disaster-victim-housing

Our faith-based 501c3 nonprofit organization is designed to utilize donations for the purpose of assisting property holding companies to acquire property through a loan to real estate investment entities and other private entities, partnering with several private lenders, in multiple locales to rent, lease, and provide (sell) homes with down payment assistance from the organization for people affected by the hurricanes and/or man created disasters to help restore some sense of normality to their lives to include relocation packages, medical assistance, down payment/deposit assistance, counseling, job search assistance/placement or even retraining, etc. (Utilizing companies, churches, and other affiliate resources already in place) to whatever extent we’re capable with funds collected, in association with government agencies, private entities, and other relief organizations. We are committed to helping families get back Home…whether that be in their existing home or a new home. Please donate today!