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Getting Back on my Feet Finally GoFundME Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

My name is Jilly. Since April of 2014, I’ve been struggling financially after losing my job that I was at for five years. It was a long 8 months of unemployment that had me falling behind on bills as I struggled to find employment again. Included in said bills was the ability to pay my rent. If not for the generosity of my roommate, I would be homeless. If I lived anywhere else, I would be homeless. There is a high probability that I wouldn’t be here at all, things were and are still that bad.

While I did find employment again, I still struggled to catch up from those 8 months of unemployment. I never did catch up when I found myself once again unemployed, almost exactly 2 years after the last time. While I wasn’t unemployed as long, I took paycuts in order to take a job to have *something* coming in. Especially as I almost was denied unemployment the brief time I had it.

Right now, my biggest bills to pay are paying back the rent I owe, getting my car payments completely up to date so that it doesn’t get repossessed, getting my poor dog to the vet, and getting my outstanding school bill paid off.

The last thing that I ever wanted to do was seem like I wasn’t working to get back on my feet, but I have been and I am floundering greatly. Right now I am trying to find a new permanent job while working at a temporary job, all the while preparing for my next semester at school.

I am hoping that through this I can raise the funds to get myself back on track in life as I work on getting finances in order.

All funds raised will, first and foremost, be going towards getting most of my bills up to date, my rent up to date, money for what I need for classes and generally getting myself back in order, especially as I hope to get back to a place where I can get my own space and a place of my own for myself and my dog, Anubis.

I would be incredibly grateful for anything anyone can spare. I know how difficult things are for many, but I am finally taking the advice that I have gotten from so many by asking for help so I do not fall even further behind on things.