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I went trough female genital mutilation when I was around 10 years old! I am 25 today . I was closed after being cut .The daya who did it was an old woman and closed me very tight. I stayed in bed for three weeks. Women say that the tighter is the bride, the more the husband will love her. When you are closed, it is like you are in prison in yourself. I have lived since that day with no clue of what it is like to be or feel like a women . Just because of that procedure I have health issues problems like painful menstrual cycle, reopening wounds that sometimes gets me to the hospital. I am scared that one day when I am ready to have kids , the will tell me that I can’t or that I may die during childbirth. My mental health is degrading because my family isn’t supportive and don’t see anything wrong with it . I had lost all hope until I found out that there is a life changing surgery for “ FGM survivors “ like me called FGM reconstructive procédure to help restore the clitoris . I am begging to please help me cover the cost of my surgery which will happen is Europe and for my one week stay for the surgery and recovery . Thank you .

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