Emergency Family Help Anthony Cibelli Fight ACS For His Sons GoFundME Campaign

Emergency Family Help Anthony Cibelli Fight ACS For His Sons GoFundME Campaign

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EAST ELMHURST, NY December 8th, 2018 I have reported complaints repeatedly to many authorities. Some of those authorities are NYC Department of Investigation, State Attorney General, Public Integrity Bureau, Inspector General, ACS, and even the FBI, due to the scam calls I have received as subject to this now.

I hold enough evidence regarding this matter to show that something bigger is happening in the foreground of this investigation. I have multiple witnesses as well that can attest to the lies and corruption that we have been subjected to.

My wife is being held prisoner by her family, but in a legal fashion where ACS has either knowingly or has been conned into aiding and abetting them, giving the family the ability to keep us separated, giving them the ability to keep tormenting her, manipulating and coercing her towards a divorce all while she is pregnant. Since the beginning of our marriage, there had been an intrusion, or enmeshment, into almost all facets of our daily life, making things totally overwhelming.

We have been set up into an ACS/Family Court case which now as a result of, I have been guaranteed to not witness the birth of my second born son (mid-December) by Case Workers of Unit 989-5 located at 165-15 Archer Avenue, Jamaica, Queens. They promised me that from the second I met them. They have falsely put forward almost all information that I have provided them, and have depicted me to be delusional, and having imaginary friends. They have also attempted to sabotage my relationship with my therapist of 5 years.

They have served the purpose of keeping us divided and giving my wife information that I am uncooperative and unwilling to show myself as a sane individual. They have cancelled visits because I have not been able to meet their harsh demands on such short notice of less than two hours notice. They have falsely reported incidents stating that I threatened them and had a team of men come check me. They have ended visits because of me stating my concern of them not doing their job properly and not carefully paying attention to the interaction of my son and me. They have impersonated each other using names while covering one another’s shifts. These women often show up late, playing on their phones, check their Instagram for most of the time, or have conversations with other staff, and or people. They should not be allowed to be actively engaged in anything other than supervising my visit with my son in order to establish that I am a good father.

This all started when we were told by her parents that we weren’t allowed to throw a baby shower for her, because of her getting pregnant before marriage. The family treats women like that of 100 years ago. The family has also tried to manipulate me into committing acts which I rather not state.

I hold knowledge that my wife has been emotionally abused, coerced and manipulated. She comes from an enmeshed family that is very controlling. I have substantive evidence and proof that in which she states that her entire day is controlled now, and she is not allowed to do anything but go to work, and her interaction with others is being monitored. She has told others and me that we will not get divorced, but her parents tell the neighbors otherwise and that I beat her. I have texts, and recordings where my wife had stated that ACS had threatened her with removal of our children, into where she had to agree with specific lies about me. I also have recorded conversations, and texts following that, promising to me that we will get through this crisis together no matter what, and remain a beautiful family.

As a result of their collaborated effort together, I have been thrown in the Psych Ward, had orders of protection placed against me, threatened with incarceration, divided from my family, and ended up becoming homeless for a while. Nothing is worse than being separated from my son George, and pregnant wife Stavroula. They have used the fact that I am an 82nd Airborne Veteran against me and have depicted me as a monster because of PTSD and TBI. They have now prevented me from finishing school, gaining employment, and have placed me in a position of financial hardship, and have alienated me as a parent to where my son George doesn’t interact with me at all the way he used to and now cries for his mother during the only 2 hours a week that I get to spend with him.

All I pray for is that someday I can be reunited with my family, but for now I must fight for both of my sons.

I appreciate anything that can be given, and honestly hate to ask, but this is truly a difficult time for me, and all of us. This will fund attorneys for family, criminal, and divorce courts, other legal fees, and other various expenses related to the ongoing crisis.

*I am trying to prevent a divorce, because my wife and I should not let ANYONE come in between us and divide our beautiful family. *

If you cannot donate at this time, please kindly consider sharing as well. I/We need all the exposure and help that we can get.

All I pray for is that someday I can be reunited with my family, but for now I must fight for both of my sons who do not have a voice.

Thank you to all for reading. I wish you all Happy Holidays with your families.


Anthony Cibelli

For more information please visit the GoFundME Campaign at https://www.gofundme.com/help-anthony-cibelli-fight-acs-for-his-sons and help keep this family together and their legal challenges!

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