ELIJAH – God’s Beloved

Good day everyone!

I created this GoGetFunding campaign for my brother, ELIJAH SAN AGUSTIN ESGUERRA. My brother was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia first week of June 2018 and is undergoing chemotherapy.
We attended a 4-day church conference end of May. He enjoyed the event, together with the other young people, had fever in between, but continued with the conference. I knew then that there was something serious. He’d climb the stairs and get tired as if he ran for 2 kilometers.

Elijah’s on and off fever started in April. The entire month of May, he’s under medication for what we thought was Anemia. His doctor doubled and then tripled the dosage of his iron supplement but his blood counts didn’t improve — it actually declined. And so we were referred to a hematologist. I believe God brought us to the right hospital with right doctors and nurses to look after Elijah that will help with his journey towards his healing.

Many people would fear Leukemia. I was — so afraid. I was afraid for my parents. I was afraid for my brother. But everything shifted very quickly. I was reminded of God’s promises right then and there. I was reminded that though his body might say he is sick, I know that leukemia is just his condition — NOT HIS IDENTITY.

Everyday we’d ask him. “EJ, end result?”
And he’d CONSISTENTLY answer: “HEALING!”

There’s not a day will we hear him complain. Even if his fever is soaring high, he’d answer “HEALING”. Even if his back was aching because of the bone marrow test’s wounds — he’d answer “HEALING”. Even if he has mouth sores, he’d answer “HEALING”. He is not faking it. He is believing for healing.

This isn’t easy — but knowing that Jesus is our healer, gives us the confidence that this is going to be over soon. We are confident and we can see the end from the beginning. We are confident because we can see the end result of all of this — HEALING, nothing less than complete healing. Leukemia has no power over Elijah. Leukemia, though feared by many, has chosen the wrong man. My brother is strong. He is loved. He is brave. And he’s excited to get out of the hospital and get back to playing his guitar.

We’d like to ask help from you guys — if you may, we’d like to ask that you be part of Elijah’s journey. Any amount is greatly appreciated and will be used for his hospitalization and medication. We thank you and speak blessings to you and your family for the seeds you are going to sow and I hope his story will not only touch hearts — but also give the message to those who are feeling hopeless – that we can put our trust in God. To those who are suffering from the same disease, GOD IS REAL. GOD HEALS.

From our hearts, THANK YOU!
Erica Esguerra & Family

You may also send your help to this Bank Account:

BIC Code (for Int’l transfers): BOPIPHMM
Account #: 1509032455

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