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“Dear Boss” Audible Drama FREE GoGetFunding Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors


Dear Boss is a multi-episode romantic suspense set in the fictional town of West Haven, Michigan, that has a Jack the Ripper copycat terrorizing the locals. The killer is even sending taunting letters addressed to ‘Dear Boss.’

Tanner Broden is the relatively new police chief receiving these letters. He has help from a new transfer and old friend, Nemika Worthington, who’s come to town specifically to help investigate the case. But things are more complicated between the two officers than they appear. Unexpected circumstances force both of them to face their demons, and they’re going to need each other’s help to make it out in one piece.


Our names are Kasey Heimann and Amanda Gilbertson. We’re a couple of 30-something writers and voice acting hobbyists based in the rural Midwest. Between the two of us, we have a lot of stories we want to share with the world. After discovering audio drama several years ago, we taught ourselves how to produce them and are working on putting our stories into audio form. Along with us are several dozen voice actors who help us out on a regular basis.

Regarding the Dear Boss project specifically, Kasey holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice specializing in crime scene investigation. So the police procedural part of the story will be as accurate as possible while still providing entertainment for the listeners.

We’ve been creating audio drama on a steady basis for almost four years. Our main project has been an audio adaptation of the CW show Supernatural, although we have a handful of others in the planning stages. We’ve released the entire first season of Supernatural and are just beginning with season two. You can find the entirety of our work at our podcast site. (


Paying voice actors ……… $1500

Literally, that’s it. The only expense involved with this project is paying the voice actors, which averages out to about $1500 per episode. We do all the writing, mixing, directing, and producing ourselves. This eliminates the need to hire anyone to pick up the slack during creation and therefore minimizes the chances of hang-ups that will delay the project. The only outside work needed involves the voice actors recording their roles remotely and sending us the audio.


The show will get done, one way or another. We’ve been trying for almost two years to get it off the ground, and so far all fundraising efforts have failed. But during that time, we’ve consistently been working on future scripts and looking for ways to fund the project. Once we have the funding, it’s just a matter of sending the scripts and waiting for the voice actors to do their part. In the event that somebody disappears, we have several regulars on tap to step in.