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Albio, Blood alcohol test for paramedics

Even though Albio has a great impact in actual patient care, it also has a great impact in economics. Since this testing is 10 times cheaper than current methods, it brings up to 25 USD savings for each test. Also, if paramedics have correct information already in the field, the need of emergency transportation decreases. This means less expenses and less risks in traffic.
Help me save my beautiful wife
Giving the gift of a warm meal Cassie is healing quickly and doing good. Thank you all again for your love and support. If you stop by please just knock the loud door bell kinda hurts her head.
We love you guys and miss you all. We are both so happy to be home.

Tiffany’s Cancer Treatment Fund

My name Tiffany Thorn. I am 43 years old and 62 days ago I found out I had Aggressive, Invasive Breast Cancer. It took me two days to actually say it. In that time, I have accepted my fate, but I plan to fight it every way.
Send Isabel to Interlochen!
Isabel has a dream to be a symphonic musician one day. Music is her life. She has been playing instruments since birth, but in 5th grade she got the opportunity to play the flute. “Her” instrument clicked and she has shown an astounding talent that has manifested in being top ranked in the state, top honors in state and honor bands and first chair flute in her Wind Eneemble band. Here is one of Isabel’s audition pieces (a college and beyond level complicated piece!)

BANK ROLL : First Cylinder Wallet

We set out to design a new way to carry money. Our inspiration originated with the money clip. We looked at different ways people cary money and a lot of people roll up their cash and secure it with a rubber band. This product design provides a big improvement in security and style for transporting currency or other items.
This is the festival that KCRW declared, “Chilling,” the LA Weekly called, “The first of its kind anywhere!” and the Hollywood Reporter christened, “An inspired notion!” Just last year, American Theatre Magazine praised the festival’s “Top notch stagecraft!” — Something we’re especially proud of.
Prom for students with autism
Kevin is an educator at a high school program for students diagnosed with autism. He is dedicated to giving his students the same opportunities as everyone else, so he is raising money to throw them a special prom at a great venue.
Giving the gift of a warm meal
Jason Pinardo is planning a pop-up dinner for 150 Philadelphians living in homelessness. In just one week, he was able to surpass his goal and now has the funds to make this event a reality. Jason hopes that those who attend this dinner leave with a full stomach and a sense of hope.