Chris Dimock Memorial Fund

Skyler Taylor-Doherty Chris Dimock Memorial Fund Hello again, everyone

I’d like to, once again, thank everyone who has donated so far. It has been a month since the tragic passing of Chris Dimock, and while some of us have begun to heal others are still mourning his loss. We’ve only just begun our campaign and will continue to raise funds until our goal is met.

Together I believe we can help my family get through this, together I believe we can lighten the burden that has been placed on my mother, and together we can provide comfort for Chris’ daughter Mackenzie who is still wanting to know when daddy will come home.

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This campaign is to help support those family members effected by the sudden and tragic loss of Christopher Dimock, loving father and partner; Born April 27th 1968 – Died March 13th 2016.

Hello and thank you for visiting this campaign page. My name is Skyler Taylor-Doherty, and for those who don’t know me, I am Tami Taylor’s son, second oldest of 6 children. I’ve started this campaign to help support my family while they mourn the loss of Chris.

Chris (47) passed away Sunday March 13th 2016 of heart failure, leaving behind his spouse Tami Taylor, their 5 year old daughter Mackenzie, and Tami’s 3 boys, Mathew (19), Harley (16), and Mason (15).

Chris had no life insurance and no assets, leaving a greiving widow and single mother to support 4 children in this difficult time.

The funds raised from this campaign will go directly to Tami to assist with the finacial burdens associated with the loss of a loved one; including final arrangements, outstanding debts, and providing relief funding so that Tami and her children can have time to greive.

While this campaign has no timeline limits, the funds would greatly help Tami with both imediate costs and support her while she copes with this personal loss.

As one of Tami’s children, I would do anything to ease my mom’s suffering, and as such have made it my goal to promote this campaign to the best of my ability.

It goes without saying, that because this is my mom and siblings in mourning, I would be beyond greatful for any contributions towards this cause.

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