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Since 2013 when sepsis began I started with Invanz and other powerful antibiotics with a PICC to try to control unexplained temperature spikes.

It has been a rollercoaster since then and after septic shock rounds with being at Baptist and not fully recovering they thought it would be best in a referral for further treatments at John Hopkins in Mayland.

This was not my decision fully, my physicians  are trying to offer me a better quality of life than that of revolving  hospital stays. Throughout all the treatments , I am now unable to work at all without a doctors release. The donations you give will  help with will help in my medical cost , transportation, food and for being able to afford medications not covered by insurance . Getting sick and having my feet swept out from under me and having to suck my pride to ask for help has been my hardest challenge.

With prayers and your donations in helping with the 30 percent not covered on insurance will be a great blessing knowing there are still people who care. I had asked for local help but had reactions of “get a job” which with being in the hospital is not a realistic possibility, to others telling me to stop all medications and treatments and I would be fine, Looking for a supportive population that has compassion, empathy and a little understanding to the challenges I face.

So any amount of donation and continued prayers and some help from new friends in having a better quality of life.

$10,800.00 — cost for commute
$2500.00  —-Motel Cost

Stem cell, immunosuppressants,  iron which invanz, vancomycin and stem cell therapy and I’m with Medicare paying 80% leaves $7K a day for say a week (35k) , 2 wks 70k and so on , on a 3 yr estimate of what is in front of me, starting with 25K as a goal, but 3 yrs it will triple or quadruple that amount.

But will keep everyone updated with improvements and any all all contributions and donations will be a blessing ang greatly appreciative for in any amount you can give!

GOD BLESS and peace be with you

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