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Finding sponsors for a first time LAN party is very difficult. We have the equipment, and the expertise. Regardless, I will personally fund the event if I have to.

But, if the LAN and Gaming communities would like to help a startup LAN party have another event in the future, I would greatly appreciate it.

Here is the cost breakdown

Each attendee pays $60, but the venue provides food at the cost of $100 per person. This means that each participant equates to a $40 loss. A lot of the participants thought the $100 fee was way to high, and I can’t say I disagree with them.

If we hit $1500 in food spending, the smaller of the two rooms is free. If we hit $3000 in food spending the larger one is free.

Ideally, I’d like to find a major sponsor and several small ones. To demonstrate that I am trying, here is a link to my current google spreadsheet:
More contacts are added each day and I’ve used my considerable IT contacts to reach out throughout the gaming world.

If I can get both sponsors and gofundme support, I might even be able to lower the cost of admission, but my priority is to fund the event. Currently, assuming the minimum in each room I either have a shortage of 600 or 1200, but as we get more, it will increase. If we don’t hit the minimum, I’d be out for the participants and the room fees.

I really want to prove that this event can work at a hotel. I’ve done events like this before and done a different type of event so I know how to event plan. But $100 per person is a bit steep.

In the end, ANY profits will be donated to charity (currently thinking the EFF)

Short version:
I have the players
I have the equipment
I have the venue

I just need the funding to pay for the venue.

Thank-you in advance for your generosity.

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