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Raising funds for cancer support

I am raising funds to create a lasting memorial in the name of my late uncle who passed away following a long battle with prostate and stomach cancer. I am looking to raise money to sponsor equipment at a new cancer hospital and any additional funding raised would be split between other worthy cancer charities.

911 First Responder

I am a local area network engineer who was called to ground zero the day after 911 and was there to the end as a lead disaster recovery technician. While there I got advanced agressive prostate cancer stage 2.5 for which I received a certified condition from the 911 vcf what I got I’m grateful […]

Help Me Teach What Really Matters

UPDATED 8/10/18: I apologize for the long post everyone. As many of you know, I sought out to my friends and family to help relocate to San Diego to continue my passion…the arts and the advancement of arts education. This year, I’ve reached a point where I am again in need of help to relocate […]

Fractured Bones, Can’t Work

I took a bad fall when my dog chased a cat. I fractured two fingers, a bone called ‘the snuff box’ in my left wrist, and a bone in my elbow. I can not perform my regular job duties for at least a month. I deal poker for a living and I’m currently incapacitated. Casino […]

Gas Cards for Vets Riverside, CA

Hello Shipmates, I am a Navy Veteran who struggled in the past trying to gain employment. I recently moved from a veterans shelter in Riverside County, California. I have noticed that there are many barriers in preventing some veterans from gaining employment, but one in particular is there inability to go to and from job […]

B&G Smoothies: Feed The Future

We’re asking for your support in our effort to help educate youth about nutrition and provide healthy eating options to communities in need. B&G Smoothies was created with the primary objective of providing a nutritious breakfast option to students living in communities with limited access to healthy food. By providing all-natural, healthy breakfast smoothies designed […]

The Journal of a Wannabe Artist

Short Summary Greetings ladies. Greetings gentlemen. Greetings quadrupeds and cherubs. Welcome to my life. My name is James Lawson Moore, but you will soon know me as the Wannabe Artist. I am a writer, having just finished my studies in English and literature at my local college. I’ve been writing for most of my life, […]

Help with perscription drugs, gofundme campaign ViralExposure Press Release Boost

In 1995 I was diagnosed with MS, while it progressed I was still able to work and function. In fact most were surprised that I even had it (we learn to hide things well). At that time I was working as an aerospace engineer having just left the automotive engineering world. Once diagnosed with something […]

veterinarian-practice-in-romania ViralExposure Press Release Boost

My girlfriend and me want to start a veterinarian practice in Romania.I am a dutch guy,she is a romanian woman.Romania have many pets like dogs and cats and need many Vets.My GF is graduated for veterinarian and did her practise in a veterinarian  pratice for 3 years,its her passion to help animals and now its the time […]

Saving my twin’s heart ViralExposure Press Release Boost

Saving my twin’s heart