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Starting non-profit for handicapped dogs

Hello my name is Dr. Laura J Richardson. I am trying to start a 501c3 nonprofit organization to help handicapped dogs. There are thousands of handicapped dogs in the United States. Many of them are neglected or put to sleep each day. It is my goal to start a dog sanctuary so that handicapped dogs […]

Help me recover after having all my tools stolen

I had rioters break into my van while at my hotel and stole all my tools more than 50k worth of power tools, test equipment and personal belongings stolen. These are needed to do my job and the fact it has been a struggle this yr. I had accumulated these tools necessary to do my […]


Hi Everyone, I Am Coming To You Today With A Sincere Heart On Behalf Of My Friend Jessica. Her brother has passed away from COVID 19 and she is left all alone with his funeral bills. Jessica has lost her job due to COVID and cannot afford to pay her brothers funeral bills, nor can […]


Dear friends, Patricia Roberts is reaching out to our community for assistance  with her journey of medical and financial crisis. I would so appreciate you reviewing the content of her story.  I ( Marla, Patricia’s friend) started this gofundme… please don’t feel like you have to contribute…. As of today, CT shows 3 cm tumor […]

Fresh4Life Catering

Fundraising for company progression and marketing as well as employee support! Hey! Ashonte here! I know I’ve been off the map for a while, and really there’s no excuse for that and I do apologize. However I’m back with MAJOR NEWS. God has given me a life changing opportunity! I just started my own catering […]

Support Small Black Business-Fitness Center Support Fund

Now more than ever, during this unprecedented time of COVID-19, there is a heightened need for overall health and wellness. I am inspired to provide a safe space where clients can come and receive personalized quality care.

Leon McCloud Funereal Expenses

Please Support Grandma’s Grotto

On behalf of our parents, John and Desiree Vallario, my sisters and I are organizing this fundraiser to help save Grandma’s Grotto during Covid-19. Our parents have put their hearts and souls in this business for the last 15 years. Even in the best of times it can be difficult to survive as a small […]


The Hay House Ministry is a ministry vision to provide an open space, particularly for ministers, missionaries and their families at risk of burn out – but open to anyone in need – to stay and rest, be restored, be encouraged, receive pastoral care, and reconnect with God. In addition to Joe & Laurie’s ongoing […]

Bringing Home Baby Milligan

We are raising money to try raise money to fund our adoption. We will be using the funds to cover agency fees and travel costs.