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Cancer Will Not Win

Devastating House Fire

High Paying Registered Nurse and Travel Nursing Jobs PPE Equipment

Donate $155 to equip one Nurse or other Healthcare Pro w/ APP & PPE

Donate $155 to equip one Nurse or other Healthcare Professional with the APP, 4 Wrist Beacons & all three Accessories! They’d appreciate your help in providing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)! Thank you! Donate here on Facebook or go to our website: to Donate with the PayPal button at the top of the page. How […]

Bob Birdman Bird

Hello Friends… I really appreciate all the attention this is getting on my behalf. I’ve truly never felt so cared about and scared at the same time. I’m a U.S. Army vet that is in trouble and could use your shares and prayers. The Pic you’ve seen on this page is the result of the […]

Help for Family Ngari Karisa

ear friends, family and acquaintances, welcome to this campaign! On Friday, March 6th, 2020 the family’s house collapsed at 2 a.m. after rain, luckily the family was only slightly injured because their house consisted of a corrugated iron roof. Now a pregnant woman is sitting on the street with her 6 children and her husband. […]

Business Startup and Inventory on GoFundMe

Hello, Everyone, My name is Charlene and i’m an entrepreneur. I currently have a facebook page called C. Williams Collection LLC. It caters to women’s clothing and Accessories. I am looking to expand my name by investing in other opportunities that have came about. I am seeking funds to add to my inventory, getting a store […]

Help my wife Amanda beat cancer

My name is Christopher Outland and I am trying to raise money for my wife’s cancer treatment. Amanda was not feeling very well at the end of January, so I told her to call a doctor and set up an appointment. February 7th was the earliest date that she could get. We went and seen […]

Help Support baby Alex and his family GoFundMe Booster

Alex Kearney was born April 5 2019 to loving parents Shannon and Kyle. They were overjoyed to have him and planned to build a life together in their new home. But they soon realized that Alex wasn’t meeting all of his milestones and he was losing the strength to hold his head up and having […]

Help molly and balton GoFundMe Booster

Hello everyone my wife and I are asking for prayers and a bit of help if possible. Our two German Shepherds got Into the dog supply cabinet and ate a bunch dog food, vitamins, treats, and worst of all about half a bottle dog aspirin. We had to rush them to the er and start […]

Heartbeat for Santi #latiendoxSanti GoFundMe Boost

Santi is 22 months old. He was born with Shone Syndrome, a complex congenital cardiopathy that involves several blockages on the left side of the heart. He had three surgeries, but the results weren’t effective. The best treatment option is at Boston Children’s Hospital in the United States. That’s why we need to raise $114,598 […]