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Help Shabir build a Pathway for Dadyal Village

The Messenger Of Allah ﷺ : “When a person dies, his deeds come to an end,except for three: ongoing charity (Sadaqah Jariyah), knowledge that is benefited from, and a righteous child who prays for him.” (Sahih Muslim). Help Shabir and the community achieve their goal of building a pathway in their village.It is very difficult […]

Help Maggie Get a Wheelchair and Dental Work

Five years ago, Maggie Bossow was diagnosed with CRPS, a neurological disease that causes intense pain and has no known cure. Three years ago it went stage 4. Now she goes for days, and sometimes weeks on end feeling as if she’s on fire, with no relief. At times, she’ll feel like she’s freezing even […]

Heartcore Methode

Dear Ladies and Gentleman… The dream of human been has found his target! The cure to all mental desases, sickness and disorder has been found!! I am able to cure even cancer and many other body illness. The work I am doing is called: Ghost Hoster!! I am the first Ghost Hoster in the world… […]

Funding for a friend’s home (This is a surprise they do not know I’m doing this!)

I am raising money for a family that I care about very much, they’re a wonderful family of 6, there’s 4 kids(2boys and 2 girls), mother and her bf, only one of them has a job wading tables. I see that they are in need of a new home. They deserve so much better. It’s […]

Dog kennel, rescue and adoption

Looking to get into starting my own dog rescue and kennel always wanted to have my own business but could never get the support to start up. Please help and donate what ever you can. The funds from the campaign would go tawrds animal kennels, building structure, play toys, and food. I would be very […]

Help our son be a big brother

Yesterday, after an appointment with the infertility doctor at the clinic in Orange county, California, we could not sleep. The financial burden of the loan for fertility treatment will be unbearable for our family. We went back and forth to the crib of our son and decided that it would be too hard for us […]

Help Tom Live (Cancer Treatment Finds)

Tom has been diagnosed with mesothelioma lung cancer. He will need to travel to Cleveland, OH to receive treatment. Anyone who knows my dad knows that he will do anything to help anyone at anytime. Now is our time to help him. Tom is a Husband of 50+ years to Joyce, A Father to 4 […]

Gaming Club Outreach

Gaming Club Local Outreach, The outreach club I’ve started in the rural small town of Wauchula FL is in need of some financial support I’ve set a goal of $1.200 in the hopes of achieving some small amount of this by May 1st of this year. if funded the money will be used to purchase […]

Nicolas – Please help a pianist!!

I’m Nicolas Rüdiger Cuadra (22yo), I’m a pianist from Arica, Chile. I play the piano since my childhood like when I was 6yo.  However, during the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, I could not have an income due I can not perform at concerts thanks to covid-19 lockdown. This pandemic had hit me pretty hard, […]