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We need mommy!

When my wife was first diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizoaffective disorder.  it was a challenging thing for me to comprehend and to accept. I wasn’t comfortable talking about it with friends or opening up to others. so I figured this was the best way to leverage my knowledge. My goal was to create a […]

Uneven Ground: The Melissa Witt Story Documentary

Five years ago, our team started this journey… a quest to find justice for Melissa Witt. Melissa was only 19-years-old when she was abducted from a bowling alley in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Sadly, six weeks after her disappearance, Melissa’s body was found some 50 miles away in the Ozark National Forest. After 26 years, Melissa’s […]

Sales Talent Group – Redefining Sales Recruiting

Please visit Indiegogo for all campaign details. Thanks.

To help Jhon Carlo for his surgery and recovery

Please help my nephew for his medical surgery and recovery for the wounds in his neck and armpit that he is suffering for five years.His parents don’t have a job,he’s currently in the Philippines.They need help.Thank you so much. Donate today

Paws Up for Ginger The Chihuahua

Hello, My Name is Nick. and I am trying to raise support for my dog as she recently had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer in Mid-September. The vet told us that there was very little hope for our only family pet to make it out of surgery alive and here she is today. However she […]

KeKe’s Wings

Hi. My name is Kristi, (most ppl call me Kay) When my fiance lost his battle with cancer on Sept 3rd, 2020 it was so hard on me and my 9 year old daughter, Kendall(most ppl called her KeKe:) So, 3 days later, on Sunday Sept 6th, 2020,when her bff invited her to go swimming with […]

GoFundMe USA 5 Best Places to Share Your GoFundMe Link

Help Me Tell The World why My Love is One Matters!

When people found out GOD was secretly giving certain information about the cause of the erratic weather (climate change), the long term effects of racial bigotry, corona virus, and other historical events to a regular woman of color instead of a rabbi, pastor, or celebrity, they initially blew her off. But the truth prevailed. The […]

Medical Debt

Hi everyone, my name is Kat, Im 19 and Im trying to raise money for medical debt. A little bit ago I started having what I found out later were seizures. Medicine has brought them down a good bit but at the end of last year they were at their worst. An old roommate, not […]

Please help Melissa with tmj replacement surgery!

I am reaching out for support for the medical expenses to have TMJ replacement surgery. I am on a low income/pension and the associated fees are close to $50,000. They are not covered by the medicare PBS nor private health insurance. My jaw is completely fused shut, joint replacement is my only option to regain […]

‘Haunted’ – A Horror Game

Hello guys, My name is Steven and I am working on a horror game. It’s called ‘Haunted’. It is not that typical horror game you know. It is more than just jump scares. I will be very happy when we reach together the goal of 1000€. It is not much and together we can reach […]