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Disabled (911) Marine Corps Vet Moving Assistance

I am a 100% Disabled Marine Corps Veteran who served my time during 911 era. I started this campaign because I have searched endlessly for help and cannot find any out there. I made sure to look everywhere before starting this campaign. The short of it is, I am disable due to my service. I […]

Robert needs Attorney CrowdFunding Booster

I need a high profile Attorney to get a Birth Certificate for my real name because I was kidnapped 1951 and now I am living as another name much younger than I really am. The Government will not help me and I do not have any living family.

INDIEGOGO/The Slayer Chronicles CrowdFunding Booster

Brought to you by the producers of “JUNKIE” (streaming now on Amazon Prime) Vampire Slayer Raven Cross (Madison Russ) tracks down vampires who are using social media as a food delivery service.

Help me save Kate CrowdFunding Booster

NDPH Treatment for Teoy CrowdFunding Booster

I’m raising money for my husband to get the Reed procedure done for his NDPH! He has been suffering for five years. The procedure cost $48000 out of pocket since our insurance don’t cover it being out of state. Please, he needs this. I’m afraid of losing him to this disease if we don’t get […]

Help us complete our Family CrowdFunding Booster

Help Fenimore Family With Unexpected Adoption CrowdFunding Booster

Sometimes in life you have plans and the good Lord decides to laugh and say no I have a BETTER plan this is one of those situations.  On January 4 we found out that a family member had a baby and due to some very unfortunate circumstances her parents have no way of providing for […]

Service Dog For Thane CrowdFunding Booster

I am putting this as up a last resort. I have been recently diagnose with PTSD, disassociative identity not otherwise specified (DDNOS) on top of bipolar depression and extreme anxiety. This is a a challenge to deal with even with meds with regards to performing necessary things such as bringing my best self to work. […]

More Than Depression CrowdFunding Booster

My main vision for MoreThanDepression now is turning it into a community-based website for people that struggle with mental illness. I want to create a cross-platform site & app that anyone can join. I want them to be able to post their stories and talk about their struggles. I want to provide a safe community […]

Save a veteran’s home from foreclosure/GoFundMe CrowdFunding Booster

I am a disabled Army veteran who is about to lose his house due to foreclosure. I would be grateful to the community for some help. I would forever be eternally grateful.